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Bob Van Ronkel is an American producer, businessman and president of Doors to Hollywood, a company that over the last 20 years has brought more than 120 high-profile Hollywood actors, directors, producers and bands to Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries to meet presidents, oligarchs, attend film festivals, perform concerts, speak at forums, and appear at special events.

During the 15 years Van Ronkel lived in Russia, he did over 300 different deals including opening the Grand Havana Room cigar club in Moscow, Doors to Hollywood Acting Academy, brought actors and bands such as, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Gere, Jim Carrey, Katy Perry, Kanye West, 30 Seconds to Mars, Mariah Carey, Kevin Costner and Modern West, Antonio Banderas, Nicolas Cage, Flo Rida,  Milla Jovovich, Sigourney Weaver, Owen Wilson, Steven Seagal, Val Kilmer, Hilary Swank, Bryan Ferry, Jon Voight, Billy Zane, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mickey Rourke, Irina Shayk, A-HA, Back Street Boys, Tom Jones, Paul Anka, John Cusack, Pamela Anderson, Dolph Lundgren, John Malkovich and many more.

Van Ronkel has produced nine films, four of which filmed in Russia, two Russian television series and numerous special events, including three 1,000,000 Smiles charity events for orphan children. He has been a consultant to more than 12 film festivals, including the Moscow International Film Festival, Faces of Love, 2Morrow, Astana Action Film Festival, Eurasia International Film Festival, Odessa International Film Festival, Stars of Shaken Film Festival, Me and Family and October, as well as Russian channels MTV, Muz-TV, NTV and the 1st Channel. 

Van Ronkel is currently living back in the U.S. and continues to bring well-known celebrities, bands and speakers to Russia, Kazakhstan, and other countries. In 2018 he took Richard Gere to speak at a forum in Moscow and in 2019 took Arnold Schwarzenegger to speak at a global forum in Saint Petersburg. He is arranging co-financing for films with Hollywood and Russian film makers and financiers, booking Hollywood celebrities for webinars and different types of events, including advertising and marketing campaigns for many different Russian companies and developing his own television series for U.S. television that will film in Russia.


Arranged for Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) to do a webinar for 1,000 people in Russia.

Arranged an autograph signing secession for Owen Wilson.

Arranged for Owen Wilson to attend the “Bravo Music Awards” in Moscow, Russia.

Lunch at the Grand Havana Room in Beverly Hills with good friend and actor Ralf Moeller.

Dinner with actor Al Sapienza at “Scotch 80 Prime Steak House” at the Palms, during the filming of his new movie in Las Vegas.

Drinks at MGM Grand with World Champion Boxer Sergey Kovalev and his manager Egis Klimas, the day before his world championship fight.

Booked Jean Claude Van Damme to attend the “Joy Entertainment Forum” in Saudi Arabia.

Met with friend and President Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov, at his office in Moscow, Russia

Spent four days with producer Leslie Grief in Moscow, Russia.

Took Arnold Schwarzenegger to speak at the Synergy Global Forum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Dinner at “Nobu” in Caesar’s Palace, with good friend and producer Leslie Grief.

Attended Kevin Costner and his band “Modern West’s” concert and after party in Las Vegas.

Dinner in Las Vegas with Light Heavy Weight Champion boxer Sergey Kovalev.

Lunch in Las Vegas with champion boxer Tim Tszyu and his manager Glen Jennings.

Attended Aerosmith’s concert in Las Vegas.

Attended Cher’s concert in Las Vegas with her manager Judd White.

Dinner in Moscow with Undisputed World Champion boxer Kostya Tszyu.

Took Richard Gere to the Synergy Global Forum in Moscow, Russia.

Took John Malkovich to the Eurasia International Film Festival in Astana, Kazakhstan. 

Arranged for Flo Rida to perform at a private party in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Attended Pink concert in Las Vegas with Pink’s manager Judd White.

Attended Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas with Dick Clarke Productions president Allen Shapiro.

Dinner at Dan Tana’s in Beverly Hills with Jeffrey Toobin from CNN and the New Yorker.


Dinner with producer Avi Lerner during Irina Nero’s performance at Siena.

Arranged for John Malkovich to attend the Kazakh Symphony orchestra event and after party.

Helped arrange for the 65 piece Kazakh Symphony orchestra, to perform at the Saban Center in Beverly Hills.

Arranged for actor Mark Dacascos, to have dinner with a Russian client in Beverly Hills.

Arranged for actor Ralf Moeller, to have lunch with a Russian client in Beverly Hills.


Was Jim Carey’s guest at his art exhibition in the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas.

Arranged for Princes band NPG to perform in Astana, Kazakhstan.


Attended the "Michael Jackson One Show" in Mandalay Bay Hotel, with the show’s producer, John Branca and Michael’s father, Joe Jackson.


Visited Moscow for five days of meetings, after Kazakhstan.

Took Nicholas Cage to the Eurasia International Film Festival in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Took John Malkovich to the Eurasia International Film Festival in Astana, Kazakhstan. 


Attended Sergey Kovalev’s World Championship fight at Mandalay Bay.


Irina Nero’s music career starts in the USA, with her performing at the Italian American Club in LV.


Got married to Irina (Nero) Arkhangelskaya Van Ronkel


Had dinner with Dolph Lundgren in the Sinatra Restaurant, at the Wynn Hotel.


Moved to Las Vegas, Nevada


Arranged for the Back Street Boys to perform at a private party in Spain.

Took boxer Sergey Kovalev, to meet Sylvester Stallone and Ralf Moeller in Beverly Hills.


Arranged for LMFAO to perform in Kazakhstan

Lunch with Mickey Rourke in Beverly Hills. 


Attended Sergey Kovalev’s World Championship fight in Yekaterinburg.



Released Irina Nero’s second song on DFM Radio and 14 other stations, "Ya Loublu"

Shot Irina Nero’s  "Ya Loublu" music video with six Russian celebrities in it.

Meeting in Moscow with Romeo Johnson, world famous voice coach of the stars.


Introduced kick boxing champion Batu Khasikov, to MMA fighter Jeff Monson.


Made a demo with DJ Smash and Irina Nero, "California" - To be released in September

Hosted well known US television director James Widdoes in Moscow.


Had a party for World Champion Boxer Sergey Kovalev at Lodka.



Dinner and event with Pamela Anderson in Moscow.




On the jury of the Miss Russia Beauty Pageant.

Went to machine Gun Kelly's concert with his manager James McMillian.

Went to Toni Braxton's concert with her manager John Dubuque.


Released Irina's first song on DFM Radio, "Italia"



Opened Arkhangelskaya Music Production Company and producing Irina Nero's music. www.IrinaNero.com

Ned Bellamy gave a master class at Doors to Hollywood Film Academy.


Shot a pilot for a Russian television series called; "Show Girls".


Became a consultant to Heyworks mobile game company in Belaruse.


Hosted good friend Rutger Hauer, during a film he was shooting in Moscow. 


Was a guest speaker about Hollywood and the film industry, at legendary MGIMO University.

February: Party for boxer Kostya Tszyu and Tatiana, to celebrate them getting married.

Thru a “Doors to Hollywood Acting Academy” party for Doors to Hollywood’s 10 year anniversary working in Russia.

Party was held at Wicked restaurant and 300 people attended.


Thru a “Doors to Hollywood Acting Academy” wrap party at Food&Wine restaurant for “Delo Betagami” and 200 guests.


Arranged for Dolph Lundgren to fly to Egypt and play himself in a Russian comedy called ”Mальчишник”.

Brought Actor Ned Bellamy to Moscow to teach students of the Doors to Hollywood Acting Academy and do a master class.

Had Mark Dacascos do a Master Class for students of the Doors to Hollywood Acting Academy.

Produced an 8 episode television series for Russia 2 called; “Delo Betagami”. Starred Mark Dacascos, Igor Jijikine, Andrey Chadov and Lily May.



Took boxer Kostya Tszyu to Grozny with Evander Hollyfield and David Haye, as a guest of the Chechnian President Ramzon Kyderov.

We attended a Championship boxing match.


Spent two days with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith during his concert in Moscow.

Arranged for Nicole Scherzinger to perform for Kazakh clients at a wedding party in Las Vegas.

Was invited as a celebrity guest to the Tomsk Film Festival.



Opened the Doors to Hollywood Acting Academy in Moscow.


February: Became a consultant to StarFactory


Dinner out with actor Kevin Sorbo in Moscow.

Arranged for the band “After Romeo” to perform at a party in Kazakhstan.

Arranged for a Michael Jackson impersonator to perform at a child’s birthday party in Kazakhstan. 

Arranged for a Michael Jackson impersonator to perform at a corporate event in Kazakhstan.

Arranged for a Michael Jackson impersonator to perform at a wedding in Kazakhstan.

Dinner and night out on the town with United Talent Agent Darren Boghosian.


Held 4 days of different Master Classes for well known Russian actor, with Hollywood actor Ned Bellamy.

Attended a private event with Steven Seagal.

Drinks with Donald Trump during the Miss Universe Competition in Moscow.

Entertained owners of Dick Clark Productions and Mandalay Entertainment, Allen Shapiro and Peter Guber, who were in Russian for the Miss Universe Competition they were producing.

Dinner with Chuck LaBella, Vice President-Talent Relations at NBCUniversal and the partners of Miss Universe.


Arranged for Antonio Banderas to become the face of Kaspi Bank's advertising campaign in Kazakhstan.


Started construction on "The Doors to Hollywood Acting Academy" in Moscow.

Took Kanye West to perform at a wedding in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Was a guest of the Koroche International Film Festival in Kaliningrad.

Entertained three of Hollywood's top "Creative Artist Agents" (CAA) in Moscow.


Entertain friend and Hollywood Celebrity Photographer Kevin Lynch in Moscow.

Entertained "United Talent Agent" (UTA) Brittany Balboa in Moscow


Took Mark Dacascos out for the evening in Moscow

Entertained Christian Slater and his "United Talent Agent" (UTA) Darren Boghosian in Moscow


Went with Alsou and Yan Abramov to Igor Butman Jazz Club in Moscow, to listen to Steven Seagal and band perform.

Took Steven Seagal to the Denis Lebedev championship fight against Guillermo Jones and sat ringside with Vitali Klitschko.

Went with Steven Seagal to a special government event in Saratov, Russia


Attended Kevin Costner and Modern West's concert at the Kremlin Palace and went to dinner with Kevin and the band afterwards.


Went with Steven Seagal and met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the opening of the Sambo 70 Center in Moscow.

Attend Mercedes Russian Fashion Week with Model Polina Askeri.

Arranged for World Champion Boxer Kostya Tszyu, to become the face of Lodka restaurant in Moscow.


Entertained CAA agent and friend Mike Kives in Moscow during Arnold Schwarzenegger's premier of his new film, The Last Stand.




Settled my lawsuit against German Director Uwe Boll, for failure to add proper Producer's credit.

Arranged for the band LMFAO, to perform at a wedding party in Almaty, Kazakhstan


Took model Irina Shayk to Glent Salon event in Moscow.


Took the band Diamond Rain to perform at a private party in Mongolia.

Took model Irina Shayk to Almaty, Kazakhstan for the opening of Saks 5th Ave.


Took Nastassja Kinski to the Chita Film Festival in Russia.


Spent the week in Moscow with Steven Seagal, PhosAgro and attended the opening of the new Sambo 70 training center with President Putin.


Entertained US business mogul Gary Winnick, former Speaker of the California State Assembly Bob Hertzberg and Rabbi David Baron in

Moscow and took them to meet the President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, Rabbi Alexander Boroda.


Took “Slumdog Millionaire” star, Dev Patel to the Stars of Shaken film festival, Almaty.

Became a consultant to the Zabaikalsky film festival in Chita, Russia.

Became a consultant to the Texture film festival in Perm, Russia

Became a consultant to the “Stars of Shaken” film festival in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Consultant to the Eurasia International film festival in Almaty, Kazakhstan for the 3rd year.

Consultant to the Astana International Action film festival in Astana, Kazakhstan for 3rd year.


Became a consultant to the Innoprom 2012 Expo Business Forum in Ekaterinburg, Russia.


Spent the week in Moscow with John Cusack, Paul Hipp and entertainment attorney Kevin Morris, during the promotion of John’s new film “The Raven”.


Arranged for Sigourney Weaver to be the Celebrity host at the "Saby Charity Event" in New York.

Took Paul Anka and his band to Mongolia, to perform at the Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia's special event.



Took French actor Alain Delon to Almaty,Kazakhstan for the "Cinema Against Pain" charity dinner.


Arranged for Owen Wilson to attend as the celebrity guest of the Halloween Party at Carlson Restaurant.

Brought Owen Wilson to attend the Stella Ball at the Kremlin Palace.

Took Rutger Hauer to the Dialogue of Cultures Int. Film Festival in New York.

Went with Jean-Claude Van Damme to Grozny, Chechnya to celebrate the "Day of the City".


Hired as a consultant to the Dialogue of Cultures Int. Film Festival in New York, October 19th - 23rd.

Took actors Sigourney Weaver, John Cusack and Nastassja Kinski to the Eurasia Int. Film Festival in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Took Tom Jones and his band to perform at a birthday party at the Mardan Palace Hotel in Antalya, Turkey.


Rehired as a consultant to the Eurasia Int. Film Festival, to bring three well known actors to Almaty, Kazakhstan on September 19th -24th.

Took John Malkovich to the Odessa Int. Film Festival on July 14-17th.

Brought Kevin Costner and his band to Russia for three (3) Charity Concerts.  Two in Saint Petersburg on July 8th and 9th and one in Moscow on July 10th.

Took Steven Seagal on July 9th and 10th to charity concerts, organized at the initiative of The Federation Fund.


Took actress Michelle Rodriguez to the Astana Int. Action Film Festival in Kazakhstan June 30 – July 3.

Took actor Steven Seagal to the Astana Int, Action Film Festival in Kazakhstan June 29 – July 3.


Arranged for actor John Malkovich to attend the Odessa Film Festival on July 14th, 2011.


Rehired as a consultant by the Odessa International Film Festival in Ukraine.

Arranged for Kevin Costner and Modern West to perform three (3) more concerts in Russia in July. Two in Saint Petersburg and one in Moscow.


Hired as a consultant for Russia’s Space City’s 50 year anniversary celebration of their space program.

Rehired as a consultant by the Astana International Action Film Festival in Kazakhstan.






Took Kevin Costner and his band Modern West to perform at a private charity event in Saint Petersburg, where Prime Minister Putin also sang and played the piano.

Associate Produced, “In the Name of the King 2”, directed by Uwe Boll & starring Dolph Lundgren.


Arranged for Boxing Champion Kostya Tszyu to be the celebrity guest member of the jury, for the Miss Ukraine beauty competition in Kiev.


Arranged for Kevin Costner and his band Modern West to perform at a charity concert in Saint Petersburg on December 10.

Took Super Model Karolina Kurkova to Kiev to be the celebrity guest at the Le Grand Fashion Show of designer Stephane Rolland and spent the evening with Jean Claude Van Damme celebrating his 50th birthday in Kiev.

Started pre-production on a new feature film entitled:"End of the War". Will begin shooting in London and Europe in November and stars Billy Zane and Jean Claude Van Damme.

Arranged for Kostya Tszyu to do a press conference and two master classes for World Class Sports Club in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Took undisputed light weight boxing champion Kostya Tszyu, to attend the Kazakhstan Governments Spiritual Forum in Astana, Kazakhstan, October 18-20th.

Was with Fred Durst and Limp Bizkut at their concert in Moscow.


Took actor Billy Zane to attend the Eurasia International Film Festival in Almaty, Kazakhstan, as president of their jury.

Assisted Bono and the U2 management in Moscow for three days prior to their concert. Attended the concert with director/producer Bryan Singer (Usual Suspects, Valkyrie and X-Men) and Ron Burkle.


Went with Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Dolph Lundgren to the premier of the "The Expendables" in Kiev.


Went with Angelina Jolie and Geyer Kosinski to the premier of SALT in Moscow.

Took actor Rutger Hauer to the first Odessa International Film Festival to participate as their celebrity guest.


Took actor Dolph Lundgren to participate as a celebrity guest of director Timur Bekmambetov's first Astana International Action Film Festival in Kazakhstan, beginning June 28th to July 1st.

Brought the band The Exies, to perform at the Muz TV Awards show in Moscow.


Started production of “Polnaya Halyava” May 26th. Filming in Moscow and Turkey.


Finalized agreements to Executive Produce a new Russian comedy called, “Polnaya Halyava



Received final approval from the Russian Government’s Foundation for Patriotic Cinema, to assist Grasso-Jacobson, Fremantle and myself to produce a US television series called, “From the Files of the KGB”.

Was invited to be on the jury of the Miss Russia Beauty Finals in Siberia.

Spent a few days with Steven Seagal during his visit to Moscow.

Attended the Russian premier of Couples Retreat with actor Vince Vaughn, producer Scott Stuber and director Peter Billingsley.


Brought actor Rutger Hauer to be on the jury of the 2Morrow Film Festival.


Dolph came to Moscow so we could finalize an agreement to film a Russian comedy in 2010 called Sashleak.

Was Alice Cooper’s guest at his concert in Moscow.

Attended the Russian premier of Transformers 2 with Michael Bay and Robert Offer.

Brought Katy Perry, Bryan Ferry and Sum 41 to perform at the Muz TV Music Awards. 


Spent three days hanging out with Tommy Lee and Motley Crew in Moscow.

Attended the Russian premier of Public Enemies with director Michael Mann and producer Kevin Misher.

Was hired to represent Muz TV and bring a few bands for their Music Awards Show on June 5th.

March: Spent three days with Mickey Rourke in Moscow during his visit to promote The Wrestler.

Co Produced Dolph Lundgren’s film Command Performance, which partially shot in Moscow.


Threw a party for Pamela Anderson, Andrea Kovalev and his band Piligrim at Grand Havana Room.

Arranged for Pamela Anderson to visit Moscow and star in a new music video for the Russian band Piligrim.

Spent time with Snoop Dogg during his visit to Moscow.

Entertained President Fidel Castro’s son, Dr. Fidel Castro Jr. at Grand Havana Room Moscow.


Arranged for Russian singer Irson Kudikova to fly to Bulgaria and act in Dolph Lundgren’s film, “Command Performance.”

Arranged for Andrea Kovalev, Deputy of the Russian Government and lead singer for the Russian Rock Band Piligrim, to fly to Bulgaria with his band and be filmed as the opening act in Dolph Lundgren’s film, “Command Performance.”


Arranged for director Rob Minkoff (The Forbidden Kingdom, Haunted Mansion, Lion King and Roger Rabbit) to attend as the celebrity guest of Vladimir Naumov’s film festival “My Family and Me,” in Moscow. 

Arranged for actor Jared Leto and his band "30 Seconds to Mars" to perform with Jennifer Lopez at the Muse TV awards show in Moscow.

Arranged for Dolph Lundgren to attend the World Fashion TV party for Garage Number One.


Entertained Doc McGhee, Gene Simmons and Kiss for a few nights during their tour in Russia.

Traveled to Chechnya as a guest of President Ramzan Kadyrov, to discuss bringing Hollywood stars and bands to his festivals and events in Chechnya.  


Brought Oscar winning actor Jon Voight and Dolph Lundgren to Moscow to attend a party at the Grand Havana Room.

Brought actors Armand Assante, Mark Dacascos and Casper Van Dien to visit the Grand Havana Room after their trip to Kazakhstan.

Was hired by Muse TV to bring a band to perform at their Muse TV Awards show on June 6th.


Threw a party for Actor, and 11 time world kick-boxing champion Don “The Dragon” Wilson at Grand Havana Room.


Opened Grand Havana Room Moscow.


Threw Dolph Lundgren's 50th birthday party at the Grand Havana Room Moscow. 

Took rock star Alice Cooper to GQ Restaurant for dinner the night before his concert in Moscow.


Hosted a dinner party for Steven Seagal and some Russian investors in Moscow.


Brought Mariah Carrey to perform and Mickey Rourke to attend a high profile wedding party in Moscow.


Brought Dolph Lundgren to fight the Former Ultimate Fighting Champion of the World, Oleg Taktarov, for the First Channel's television program "Ring King".


Brought Pamela Anderson to host Russia's MTV Actors Award show.

Brought Pamela Anderson to attend the Grand Opening party for the new restaurant Damas.


Retained by MTV Russia to bring a well-known Hollywood Star to their MTV Actors Awards show on April 19th, 2007.

Threw a 34th birthday party in Moscow, for Muammar al-Gaddafi’s son.


Brought musician Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), for Vladimir Kiselev's concert at the Kremlin Palace.


Introduced actor Steven Seagal to the president of Russia's International Intelligence Agency called Vimple.

Produced the Odessa Jazz Festival.

Produced 1,000,000 Smiles third children's charity event "A Day at the Jazz Festival." 1,000 Ukrainian orphans attended and enjoyed a day of music, clowns, fun and children's shows.

Entertained actor Marc Decascos and manager Eric Nelson in Moscow during their visit for the premier of Marc's new film, Nomad.


Sold actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore a 3 acre parcel of land in Beverly Hills to build their dream home.


Arranged for Dolph Lundgren to attend the Russian Open Golf Tournament.

Arranged for Dolph Lundgren to attend and receive an award at the 25th annual Vimple Awards Ceremony. Dolph and Bob were the first foreigner's ever allowed to attend the ceremony.

Arranged for Dolph Lundgren to act in the first Russian music video to use a Hollywood star. The Russian singer performing was Irson Kudikova.

Raised the financing from sponsors and will produce the 2006 Odessa Jazz Festival, September 15-17.

Purchased the well-known restaurant Zebra Square with partners. Will soon begin construction to open the Grand Havana Room.


Brought actor Dolph Lundgren to Moscow to attend a private birthday party.

Hosted actress Liv Tyler for two days of excursions in Moscow including Red Square, The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Saint Basil's Cathedral, Russian Armory Museum and a private tour of the Kremlin.


Brought Actress Milla Jovovich to Host the MTV Russia Actors Awards Ceremony and promote her new film "Ultra Violet" for Pyramid distribution.


Brought Dolph Lundgren to Moscow to finalize an agreement with writers and producers to shoot one of his next films in Moscow.

Hosted Director Luc Besson during his trip to Moscow to promote the opening of his film Angel A.


Hired by MTV Russia to get the best possible actress to host the Russian MTV Actors Awards Ceremony on April 21.


Arranged for actor Rutger Hauer to become the President of the 1st "International History and Adventure Cinema Festival" in the Valday region of Russia.


Had the Russian theatrical premier of my most recently produced film.

Arranged for actor David Carradine to film a New Years greeting for the Russian company Alliance.

Arranged for actor Armand Assante to film a New Years greeting for Alliance.

Took actor Armand Assante to Odessa to be the celebrity guest of the Odessa Jazz Festival 2005.

Produced the Odessa Jazz Festival from on September 16th, 17th and 18th. 60,000 people attended.

Arranged for actor Armand Assante to attend Anastasia Volechkova's dinner party in Moscow and advise her about her future acting career.

Secured the financing to open the "Grand Havana Room" private cigar club in Moscow.

Entered into an agreement to finance and co-produce actor Dolph Lundgren's next film. Will start shooting in Russia in April of 2006.

Brought actor Dolph Lundgren back to Moscow to be the celebrity guest at "Olympic Star's" grand opening.


Brought actors David Carradine and Dolph Lundgren to attend the Cadillac Russian Golf Classic Tournament in Moscow.


Acquired the Russian rights to open the most exclusive and well-known private cigar club in America, “Grand Havana Room”. GHR currently has one club in Beverly Hills and the second club in New York, a few of the clubs 1600 international members are: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack Nicholson, Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone, Nicholas Cage, Sharon Stone, Ben Affleck, Dan Quayle, Richard Parsons, EMI Music, Polygram Records, RCA, Artista Records, Nascar, Morgan Stanley, Paine Webber, Bank of America, Credit Swiss Bank, Fox Sports, Oppenheimer.


Opened "Hollywood's Russian Film Services", a new television and film production service company for western film makers.


Retained by one of Russia's largest conglomerates "Interros", to locate renowned South Korean Film Director Kim Ki Duk and convince him to direct a photo shoot of their 2005 calendar "Seasons". Spent one week in South Korea with Kim Ki Duk, Nastja Potanin and Interros representatives shooting the calendar.


Produced our second 1,000,000 Smiles charity event entitled "A Day at the Odessa Jazz Festival". Brought 900 Ukrainian Orphans from regions around Odessa, to the Odessa Philharmonic. The children enjoyed a day with clowns; balloons, games and listening to musically gifted children perform a jazz concert for them. When it was over, each child received a balloon, a Coca Cola, a McDonald's Happy Meal and a toy.

Produced "The Odessa Jazz Festival", September 23-26. Four days of indoor and outdoor Jazz concerts and music, parades, DJ's, clowns and with approximately 50,000 people attending.

Produced "A Day of Jazz" for 100 handicapped Ukrainian orphans living in an Odessa orphanage. Because of the severity of their handicap, sent clowns and jazz musicians to entertain them at the orphanage and delivered balloons, Coca Cola and 100 McDonald's Happy meals to them at the school.


Executive Produced "Mirror Wars," an American film shot in Russia and starring Malcolm McDowell, Rutger Hauer, Armand Assante and some well-known Russian actors.


Arranged the Russian Service deal for a Hallmark Films movie “Icon,” which shot in Moscow and starred Patrick Swayze, Michael York and was produced by Pat Peach.

Took actor Dolph Lundgren and singer Mick Hucknall of Simply Red, to attend Billy Zane's birthday party in London.


Assisted in arranging an Ice T concert in the Caribbean Islands.

Arrange for BB King to come to Moscow and perform at the Kremlin Palace.


Arranged and Produced "1,000,000 Smiles" first charitable event, "A Day at the Cinema". Brought 1,000 Russian orphan children to the American Cinema in Moscow, for a day of fun and entertainment that included clowns, magicians, music and the animated film "The Adventures of Sin bad". All children received a McDonald's Happy Meals with Coca Cola and when they departed, each received a large gift bag filled with toys, drinks, shirts, books, coloring pens, candy, toothbrush and other items contributed by sponsors. It was a day 1,000 Russian orphans ages 6-14 will never forget, and neither will we. Brought actor Val Kilmer to Moscow to participate in a Celebrity Bowling Tournament. 

Co-Produced a television program titled Tryukachi" on Russia's first channel ORT. Arranged the attendance and participation of actors Dolph Lundgren, Rutger Hauer and Jean-Claude Van Damme in the program.


Organized Jim Carrey's second visit and vacation in Moscow and actor Noah Emmerich's first visit. Spent six days together in Moscow and then took Jim and Noah to see Prague.


Arranged for Steven Segal to be a celebrity guest of the Moscow Film festival.


Produced "Hiro Yamagata's Outdoor Laser Installation Exhibition" for MDM Bank and the city of Saint Petersburg's 300 year anniversary celebration. It was reported that 1.5 million people attended the first show on the 27th.


Formed a charity organization called "1,000,000 Smiles" to do special events and programs for underprivileged Russian children.


Became Vice President of the Kinotavr "Faces of Love" Film Festival in Moscow. Brought academy award winning actress Faye Dunaway to attend and receive a lifetime achievement award.


Retained to help arrange a Russians businessman's 31st birthday party in Cannes, France. Took actors Val Kilmer, Faye Dunaway, James Caan, Billy Zane, Rutger Hauer, Ralf Moeller and N'Sync star Chris Kirkpatrick. Hired the bands Ah-Ha and the Gypsy Kings to perform at the private party.

Hired by the Kinotavr Film Festival to bring two actors to their June, 2002 film festival in Sochi. Arranged for actor Dolph Lundgren to attend the festival’s opening ceremony and actor Eric Roberts to attend the closing.


Retained to help arrange a Russian Bankers one week long, 30th birthday party at the Grand Lido Bracco Resort in Jamaica. Some of the entertainment provided was a private concert’s by Kiss, the Scorpions, Sugar Ray and Nazareth. There was an Ultimate Fighting Tournament, Carnival from Brazil, Yachts, jets, helicopters, Flamingo dancers and actor Billy Zane attended.



Formed a new company called "Doors to Hollywood".

Retained by Matador Media to publicize the opening of their new Moscow offices. Brought actors John Malkovich and Dolph Lundgren to Moscow for the opening.

Executive Produced, "Red Serpent", An American film shot in Moscow, starring Roy Scheider, Michael Pare and Oleg Taktarov.

One of the initial founders of G-Net (the Game Network), which is currently in the process of becoming a new TV video game network.

Organized and arranged a first-time trip to Russia for actor Jim Carrey, who spent one week visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg.

United States Director for the XXIII Moscow International Film Festival. Invited and arranged for actors Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn, Woody Harrelson, Peta Wilson, Lara Flynn Boyle and Samo Hung to attend the festival in June of 2001.

Negotiated a contract for First Purification Systems, giving them the exclusive right to install and operate all washer and dryer facilities for 1000 apartment units in Los Angeles.


Became a Managing Partner of San Marino Financial Group LLC.

Became the United States Director for the XXII Moscow International Film Festival. Responsible for bringing Paramount Pictures President Sherry Lansing, Director Billy Friedkin, US E-Television and other notables of the American Film Industry to Moscow for the July 2000 festival.

Signed Russian singing stars, Phillip Kirkorov and Alla Pugacheva to a United States Internet music contract.

Raised financing and Executive Produced the film "Scream Of the Mummy".

Arranged multi-million dollar Internet music-publishing contract for legendary rock concert promoter Don Kirshner.

Located and secured the investment bankers who raised $50,000,000 and took Internet music company, MCY, public.


Arranged and escorted Academy Award winning actor Martin Landau to Moscow, as a guest of the XXI Moscow International Film Festival.

Executive Produced - the award winning film "The Tic Code".


Organized a trip to Russia for Warner Bros. Studios executives to meet with Mayor Louzshkov and the Moscow Government. Initiated talks to build multiplex cinemas in Moscow.

Partner and Executive Producer of Sherman/Van Ronkel Productions which helped finance the TV series "The Adventures Of Tarzan."

  Became owner and General Partner, as well as secured the financing and oversaw the construction and design of 435 North, a popular and fashionable restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Real estate sales agent in Beverly Hills and exclusive sales representative for S. Mark Taper and the REO department of American Savings and Loan.


Arranged for Owen Wilson to attend as the celebrity guest of the
Riz Carleson(?) Halloween Party.